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Black Hair Styles for Women

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​3 Hairstyles For Black Women With Natural Hair

It is increasingly common for more black women to embrace their natural, curly hair texture. If you have recently made the transition to natural hair, you may be wondering about what ​black hair vitamins can provide the most benefit. Fortunately, your natural hair is just as versatile as your relaxed hair and with the right ​black hair vitamins your hair can look great in any of these styles.

Going Straight

Wearing a straight hairstyle is possible without damaging your curls. Starting with a blow-out will reduce the amount of heat needed to make your hair straighter. After washing and conditioning your hair, apply a heat protectant to minimize the chance of heat damage. Use a comb attachment on your dryer to help stretch your hair during the drying process. Here is where taking a hair vitamin that contains both biotin and collagen becomes super important.

Once your hair has dried, you can begin to straighten it with a flat iron. Use the lowest temperature setting on your flat iron that is necessary to straighten your hair with a single pass of the flat iron. Depending on the width of your flat iron, you can use it to curl the ends or create large spirals.


A twist-out is a popular style to do because there is little preparation. It is often easier to install the twists while your hair is still wet, because once it dries, the texture will be more defined. You can choose to twist your hair with a leave-in conditioner alone or by adding gel to your wet hair if you will need more hold.

Avoid using a gel that creates a hard hold, since it will be harder to remove the twists later. A two-strand twist is done by sectioning an area of hair, splitting the section into two, and twisting both sections together. If you want more definition, use smaller sections.

Once all your hair has been twisted, you can either allow it to dry overnight or use a blow dryer to accelerate the process. A major factor that will affect your twist-out is whether it has completely dried. If you untwist your hair while it is still wet, you will end up with unnecessary frizz. After you have removed all the twists, you might further separate each section for more volume.


A wash-n-go (WNG) is the easiest of styles for your natural hair because you are showcasing your natural texture with little manipulation. While your hair is still wet after washing and conditioning, you might leave it as is, or use products to make your texture more noticeable.

Many people use gel on their wet hair. Adding a small amount of gel to each section and smoothing it through the section or using a brush to brush it through the section can make your texture stand out. You might part your hair in different ways so it lies in a certain manner once it dries. Some people allow their hair to air dry, especially on hotter days, or they may sit under a hooded dryer to avoid disturbing their style.

Once your hair is dry, you might decide to "fluff out" your hair for extra volume, or leave it alone since the gel hold will naturally wear away over the coming days. The WNG is frequently the preferred method if you want a style that lasts for several days.

There are endless styling options for your natural hair. Trying different hair products and styles will make it easier to find options that best fit your personal preference.

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